Scrivere nel tempo - Filosofia

We believe that only one strategy pays off: not adding but elevating.

Safeguarding the highest and purest expressions of the grape gives life to extraordinary, complex and harmonious wines. Pursuing this goal often means taking a step backwards, focusing on the grape, which, in the unique area where we live, has an incredible capacity for expression. We are aided by our oenologist Giovanni Angeli in taking care of the delicate transition from fruit to wine, with the clear aim of expressing the territory, its suggestions and its special qualities.

Nebbiolo is extraordinarily sensitive to human intervention and the area of origin.
Often, even within the same vineyard, between one vine and another, slight differences in the soil can result in significant differences in the aroma, flavour and colour of the wine. We aim to interpret these differences and make the most of them.

Our lives are punctuated by harvests and each one teaches us how to tackle new challenges.

Thanks to continuous research and to the desire to experiment, without revolutionising, season after season we are able to fine-tune our method, just like our wine, defining a clear philosophy: each bottle is unique, each vintage a new story, each wine the voice of this small but amazing world that is the Langhe.