Imagine having access to an elite circle: a Wine Club dedicated to the wines you love, where you can choose unique, selected bottles, available just to a restricted number of people and in limited quantities.

Imagine meeting passionate producers, lovers of good wine like you, willing to reveal tiny cellar secrets, anecdotes of over a century of history, insights into the most austere and fascinating of wines, Barolo.

Apply for membership of the Massolino Vigna Rionda Wine Club.

You will become part of an exclusive group, with just a few members but lots of advantages:

  • A dedicated newsletter
  • A selection of vintages you won’t find anywhere else
  • Premium tastings
  • Guided tours and insights into the history of the winery
  • Special offers

Massolino Vigna Rionda has chosen to reward its customers with a Wine Club created to offer a unique experience. Apply for membership if you have not yet received an invitation.

Access to the Wine Club is limited to a restricted group of people:
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