The new vintages of Barolo and Barbaresco Massolino

Our 2023 activity started with great enthusiasm, animated by the exciting challenges of each new year. Today we present our new vintages of Barolo and Barbaresco classic – and, remind you of the fall release of the long-awaited cru wines. We are also pleased to share more about the logo you now see on every Massolino bottle, the “Marchio Storico di Interesse Nazionale” or the Historical Brand of National Interest. Learn more about our winery’s quality signature.

Barolo 2019: longevity and complexity in stunning elegance

The vintage was marked by two very different stages: first, a dry and warm spring, then an unusually rainy and relatively cool summer. While a powerful early September hailstorm heavily affected some Langhe areas, our winery was unaffected thanks to our long-time use of protective hail nets, which again proved effective as we had minimal damage.

We saw a rapid decrease in soil temperatures – the result of the shift from a warm spring to fresh summertime rain causing thermal shock and a big humidity increase. This phenomenon slows the growth of the vines and in this case, produced some of the most notable characteristics of the 2019 vintage due to the late nebbiolo harvest.

Le nuove annate di Barolo e Barbaresco Massolino

We Present to You with a Barolo with a Capital B!

The Massolino Barolo Classico 2019 shows great complexity with delicate hints of multiple spices and flowers, enriching its aromatic profile. On the palate you taste massive, powerful tannins, which are pleasingly – and surprisingly – more approachable and not too severe. The finish lingers with elegant sweetness and persistence. The vintage is easily defined as “traditional” for its style and climatic trend.

Our 2019 Barolo Classico is a wine with great potential for a long evolution. Today it is quite approachable, but don’t forget that it is also at the beginning of its development. We feel certain it will accompany us for decades.

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A beautiful vintage for our Barbaresco

In the vineyards, 2020 set off smoothly with mild temperatures; little rain and snow resulted in an early start to vegetation growth. Later the vines suffered minor frost damage, as often happens with early budding. May and July brought frequent rainfall that slowed the shoot growth and provided our soil with precious water, which together with more moderate summer temperatures prevented hydric stress.

Le nuove annate di Barolo e Barbaresco Massolino

At the end of summer and autumn, the weather was perfect. Veraison (that magical moment when the grapes change color) started early due to warm temperatures and sunny days, but cooler September nights evened out the early start, slowing down the vegetation growth, granting perfect ripeness and excellent pH and acidity levels.

While it’s ready now, we are equally excited for its evolution.
The 2020 vintage was beautiful for our newly released Barbaresco, expressing amazing elegance and magnitude. On the nose, fresh red fruits alternate with hints of rose and violet, which promises a more complex scent as it ages. Enjoy this wine now thanks to its fine and elegant tannins, its roundness, and charming finish.

We believe it important for a proper Barbaresco to fully express its characteristics: elegance, finesse, harmony. The 2020 vintage gifted us a complete wine that is extremely fascinating with excellent aging potential, so while it’s drinkable now, we suggest cellaring a few bottles to see its evolution. We can’t wait to see what it does in the coming year.

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The Historical Brand of National Interest

What an honour to be included in this prestigious register. This important tool offers an invaluable safeguard of intellectual property created with the aim of protecting Italian-born patents, trademarks, and industrial designs.

Which companies can be involved? The law states “the owners or licensees of trademarks registered for at least fifty years [ …] used to commercialize products or services in a business of excellence, historically related to the national territory, can obtain the registration of the brand in the “Marchio Storico di Interesse Nazionale – Historical Brand of National Interest” register”.

Le nuove annate di Barolo e Barbaresco Massolino

In 2020, our winery was included in this élite category of Italian excellence, allowing us to guarantee the strict parameters provided for by law. For us it has been a great milestone: an acknowledgement of the strength of our family’s beautiful story in Serralunga d’Alba since 1896.

From now on, find this brand on Massolino labels; a mark that recognizes more than four generations of family heritage.