Spring time and new releases at Massolino

It’s Springtime in the Langhe, bringing a new and exciting period of the year: the vineyards buzz with activity, the new vintages of the classical wines are ready, and in the cellar we resume welcoming guests with exciting tasting proposals. We also start a new journey with this newsletter, bringing you snapshots of the Massolino family’s four generation history. For you, a discovery for you and for us, moments of reverence as we look back upon our past and the journey that led us to today.

Focus on: Langhe Nebbiolo!

With great enthusiasm and satisfaction, we introduce the new vintages of our classical wines, out in spring time as usual. We are particularly excited to share our Langhe Nebbiolo: a great introduction to this prestigious grape variety, but also an absolute pleasure for those who know Nebbiolo well and are looking for a balanced and authentic expression.

Primavera e nuove uscite in casa Massolino

As the less austere version of our nebbiolo-based wines it is appreciated younger with its extraordinarily noble and elegant character. [Pro tip: Enjoy our Langhe Nebbiolo now and in the coming years while our Barolo wines age].

As you may know, the Langhe Nebbiolo Denomination lends a wide margin to maneuver, giving winemakers a high degree of personal freedom. We exercise our freedom through field choice, investing in the purchase of vineyards in top areas of Monforte and Alba for the precious production of this wine. In the cellar the wine ages in big Slavonian oak barrels for more than one year giving the wine its balance and charm.

Because of these specificities, the Massolino Langhe Nebbiolo enjoys huge success all over the world, making it a reference point for the lovers of this Piemonte variety that is more and more frequently compared with the most elegant expressions of Pinot Noir.

The 2021 vintage offers great complexity and appeal while keeping its inner elegance intact.

Don’t miss this wine. It will amaze you.

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The Massolino Story: the first three dates

For more than 120 years we have defined ourselves as winemakers from Serralunga. Sharing our family’s story helps keep us connected to our deep Langa roots that span four generations.

Starting with this newsletter we want to share the steps that brought us to today. Date for date, following anecdotes and memories, we invite you to discover our path of vignerons dating back to 1896.

Primavera e nuove uscite in casa Massolino

The Massolino family business is established

The date found in our old records, carefully preserved by uncle Renato, mentions the first sale of a wine barrel of 750 liters (in Piemontese language butal) to another winery of the area.

Even before this our great-grandfather Giovanni Massolino moved from Monforte d’Alba to Serralunga in search of work as a laborer. Here, he met and fell in love with a beautiful girl called Camilla. But the rules of the times did not allow them to marry immediately.

The rules dictated that every young man – to have the possibility to ask for the hand of a certain lady whose family was already a land owner – must have his own properties. For this reason, Giovanni worked tirelessly to buy a small vineyard and at last marry his sweetheart.

It reads like a fairy tale, but is a true story that happened at the end of the XIX century…and so began our adventure of wine growers and winemakers!

the foundation of the Consorzio di tutela Barolo e Barbaresco

Nonno Giuseppe, Giovanni’s son, was known as a dynamic, smart, and molto curioso. His love for his town was visceral with a steadfast belief in the Langhe’s potential: that’s why he was at the founder’s table of the birth of the Consorzio di Tutela del Barolo del Barbaresco.

To this day the association is the most incisive for the promotion and the guarantee of the area’s denomination. A hard worker and a devoted family man, he was a forward-thinking administrator of the Serralunga community. He lived through some of Italy’s hardest days in history and despite everything, he still contributed greatly to the growth of the Massolino winery with simplicity and fairness.

The Vigna Rionda conquest

After falling in love with the small portion of land, completing the purchase was note easy or risk-free for Grandfather Giuseppe. The operation required an exchange whereby Giuseppe had to give up another piece of land twice the size, situated in another area of Serralunga. It was unquestionably a gamble, but also an act of faith and proof of foresight.

It was at this point that Giuseppe decided, with great pride, to pay tribute to this important moment by naming his winery “Vigna Rionda”.

Visit us in Serralunga!

Have you been to our little hilltop hamlet of Serralunga d’Alba?
A typical medieval village, Serralunga has just over 500 inhabitants. Here, the castle’s magnificent shape juts upward, overlooking the town and at its base extending out with a spider-web of cobblestoned streets arranged radially.

It is located about 400 meters above sea level offering sweeping landscape panoramas of the Langhe. We may be a little biased, but we think it is particularly exciting and an experience absolutely not to be missed!

Primavera e nuove uscite in casa Massolino

With the advent of bud break and blooms, we resumed our welcome activities in the cellar, proposing experiences and wine tours to all Massolino lovers. Descending the stairs to our refinement rooms means entering our own special world. We invite you to live it first-hand, feeling all the emotions without filters.

Choose one of our tasting experiences and let Valentina and Laura accompany you as you discover the Massolino wine mission.

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