Ready, set, go – It’s time for new vintages!

And just like that, it’s a new year! We begin 2024 satisfied with the achievements of the past year and ready for new challenges that await us.
Today we present to you the new vintages of our classic Barolo and Barbaresco. As you may recall, we hold the release of our cru wines to September so look for those in the fall! We also continue our story of the Massolino family history with the next chapter that leads us into the present-day. Happy reading!

Barolo 2020: Complete and captivating with excellent ageing potential.

We happily share that the 2020 vintage is excellent with our classic Barolo expressing itself at its very best.

In terms of climate, the year was characterised by an unnerving early acceleration of the vegetative cycle due to milder temperatures and low-than-usual winter rainfall.

From there, many rainy days from May to July left the situation considerably unstable, which led to a slowdown in vegetative development while simultaneously allowing for needed water accumulation in the soil. That moisture, combined with average summer temperatures, prevented water stress on the vines.

Late summer and autumn conditions were optimum. While veraison began very early due to slightly higher temperatures and sunny days, cool September nights lengthened the vegetative cycle to guarantee ideal ripening.

Barolo - La nuova annata Massolino

Produced primarily from grapes grown in Serralunga d’Alba, our 2020 Barolo is a tribute to classical winemaking methods from the past, a true mark of the Massolino style. To maintain a more genuine and pure identity we still prefer to use even the smallest details to preserve traditional vinification and ageing, like ageing in large Slavonian oak barrels.

So, this 2020 Barolo expresses itself as elegant, fine, and complex but at the same time harmonious. It’s a Barolo Classico already characterised by innate charm, welcoming all wine lovers with its expressive, silky nose and palate.

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2021: An extraordinary vintage for Nebbiolo lovers.

The 2021 vintage is turning out to be one of the best for Nebbiolo, so don’t miss our newly released Barbaresco Classico!

Barbaresco - La nuova annata Massolino

A vintage to be appreciated by those who understand the complexity of the Nebbiolo grape, it is a wine for Nebbiolo lovers who wait for just the right time to open it to allow it to reach its maximum expression.

The 2021 growing season began with a mild winter, but plenty of rainfall and even much-needed snow. These conditions assured an excellent water reserve for the vines, which proved essential for the season’s drier conditions. The vegetative rebirth maintained its regular schedule, helping to mitigate early April frost damage that considerably reduced yields in some vineyards.

Spring marked the start of a good-weather period that continued throughout the summer, keeping temperatures in line with the historic averages of the period. Avoiding the severe thunderstorms that occurred in some areas in early July, the summer continued normally with average temperatures and low rainfall, and most importantly, no water stress.

Low-level rains arrived in early October, balancing the concentration of the Nebbiolo grapes, and thus bringing a growing season that started slightly early to become a medium-late harvest. The results gave excellent color, high but not excessive alcohol content, firm but not aggressive tannins, and excellent acidity levels.

The Barbaresco 2021 gives an inviting elegance, especially on the nose, and offers more powerful and incisive tannins than previous vintages.

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The Massolino Story: the recent history.

We resume the Massolino family story from the last twenty years. With new projects and challenges it was a time positioned to thrill us for generations to come. But that is another story…

Cantina Massolino - Serralunga d'Alba

the latest embodiment of Massolino Barolo

With the Parussi cru acquisition, the Massolino portofolio of Barolo wines reaches completion. A graft that contributes to broadening the horizon of production beyond the borders of Serralunga d’Alba.

As soon as this precious Castiglione Falletto vineyard was discovered the family wanted it as part of their property holdings. The procurement was a major challenge as it took the winery outside the comfort of its home in Serralunga.

The Parussi cru gave the family a chance to uncover the potential and style of a Barolo from Nebbiolo grown in soils of different geological origins to their native Serralunga. Just 10 km / 6.4 miles away, the cru’s majestic landscape features the Barolo valley as well as Massolino’s beloved Serralunga with the magnificent Alpine arc as a background. An incredible sight!

the new winery

In front of the family’s historic home and in the center of Serralunga d’Alba, the new Massolino Vigna Rionda winery takes shape. A space borne from the desire to meet those looking to deepen their knowledge of Massolino wines through tastings and unique hospitality experiences.

To create this new and important work space, respect for the historic center of Serralunga d’Alba had to be the focal point. For this reason, the winery was built completely underground, making it possible to find excellent environmental conditions for vinification and ageing while safeguarding Serralunga’s historical and urban aspects.

In fact, the Massolino family continues to express its desire to invest capital and energy in its historical headquarters, looking to the future thanks to the new generation while sowing even deeper roots into the village where it all began 120 years ago.

a new big step: Barbaresco is born

Finally the Massolino family begins its adventures in the prestigious hills of Neive. The 2019 vintage marks the birth of two new labels that beautifully measure themselves against one of Langa’s most important wines.

The wish to create such an important Nebbiolo di Langa has been in hearts and minds of the Massolino family for some time. For years, they searched for the perfect parcel to give life to this great dream. In 2019, the winery had the opportunity to rent vineyards with excellent exposure and great potential in Barbaresco’s famed winemaking area of Neive. With great enthusiasm, the family’s long-awaited dream was finally realized. The passion for Barbaresco was the thread that led the Massolino family to embrace this exciting project, which from its very first vintages has given great satisfaction to both the family and our patrons.