Few producers get the opportunity – or maybe the good fortune – to work in a such a unique and special vineyard. We took ownership of our first parcel in 1956. For us, producing the high caliber wines of Vigna Rionda is a great responsibility and honor as we are not only tasked with ensuring that the site shines in the glass, but we also seek to pay homage to the work of those who preceded us – their fatigue and sacrifices that allow us to do what we love. The uniqueness of the 2016 vintage drove us to further honor Vigna Rionda and what it represents to our family and for that reason, The Black Label is a priceless wine for us.

The 2016 growing season was marked by a water and thermal balance hardly experienced in recent years. The long vegetative cycle and great temperature variations across the seasons gifted us wines with rare completeness and depth. In this vintage, Vigna Rionda reaches unique levels of complexity. For this reason, reverential fear makes us unable to write the tasting notes you normally find here. In fact, we think it is not just limiting to try to describe this amazing tasting experience in a few lines, but impossible.

Massolino Vigna Rionda 2016 will be available worldwide from September 2022.

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