For Barolo DOCG Parussi we left the confines of Serralunga, choosing a vineyard in Castiglione Falletto. Thanks to the characteristics of Nebbiolo, a grape variety capable of capturing the differences in microclimate and soil composition and translating them into sensations, the result astonished us. Structured, important, austere.

Made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in our vineyard in the A.G.M. “Parussi” in Castiglione Falletto.

Altitude: 290 m above sea level.

Total surface area: 1.65 hectares.

Soil composition: mixed consistency.

Average age of vines: 40 years.

First year of production: 2007

Vinification and ageing: traditional Barolo with long fermentation and maceration in oak fermenters (“tini”) at temperatures around 30°C; the wine is aged in large Slavonian oak casks for up to 30 months before being left to mature in bottle for about a year in special dark, cool cellars.

Notes: the excellent south-easterly/south-westerly exposure of the vineyard situated on the crest of the hill, in the Parussi sub-zone, guarantees the production of excellent quality grapes. The very calcareous soil conveys a remarkable structure with quite strong tannins.

Appearance: deep garnet red.

Bouquet: ethereal and enveloping with intense and persistent notes of sweet spices, sandalwood, tobacco and leather.

Flavour: great structure. Remarkable tannin which softens with time and make it a perfect wine also for ageing. Its very long finish is typical of Barolos from Castiglione Falletto. It is best to decant and serve it at temperatures between 18-20°C.
Parussi is the first Barolo made from grapes grown outside Serralunga d’Alba, in another fantastic area: Castiglione Falletto. The traditional vinification and ageing processes, which are the same as those used for its “Barolo brothers” from Serralunga d’Alba, highlight the well-known capacity of Nebbiolo grapes to deliver Barolos with different fascinating
characteristics reflecting the changes in the microclimate and soil the grapes were grown in. Perfect with the rich, traditional cuisine of the region, stewed meats and medium- long matured cheeses.