Barolo DOCG Parafada is perfect for long ageing, capable of astonishing us with its surprising evolution. Elegant, refined, austere. Vinified in tanks, aged in large barrels.

Made from Nebbiolo grapes grown in our vineyard in the A.G.M. “Parafada” in Serralunga d’Alba.

Altitude: 320 m above sea level.

Total surface area: 1.2 hectares.

Soil composition: mixed consistency, highly calcareous.

Average age of vines: 60 years.

First year of production: 1990.

Vinification and ageing: traditional Barolo with long fermentation and maceration in oak fermenters (“tini”) at temperatures around 30°C; the wine is aged in large Slavonian oak casks for up to 30 months before being left to mature in bottle for about a year in special dark, cool cellars.

Notes: the age of the vineyard, the splendid exposure due south and the ridge protected from the wind give us grapes of absolute excellence.

Appearance: deep garnet red with bright hues which naturally evolve with age.

Bouquet: intense, very complex, offering a wide range of notes; with remarkable red fruit combined with floral and spicy hints. Especially after a few years of ageing, this Barolo shows all the elegance and charm that only Nebbiolo grapes can offer.

Flavour: robust, rich and austere. It perfectly reflects the great complexity of the soil in Serralunga d’Alba. The perfect Barolo for long ageing. It is best to decant and serve it at temperatures between 18-20°C. The elegant companion for important rice and pasta dishes, such as risotto cooked in Barolo, and rich and tasty main courses, such as roast meats. After a few years of ageing, this Barolo expresses its considerable potential just as well when sipped as a wine for thought and served with hard and medium-hard cheeses.