Harvest 2022: little, but good

The year’s prospects proved challenging in the vineyards. A record-setting drought coupled with abnormal summer heat kept the pressure on for the 2022 growing season and harvest. But we are pleased to report that again our vines surprised us with their incredible capacity to not only adapt, but thrive under such difficult conditions.

Low in quantity, but good in quality

The climate trend was undoubtedly challenging as our vineyards were severely tested by drought and higher-than-usual summer temperatures.

We implemented various agronomic measures learned from similar past vintages, including:

  • Careful vegetation management
  • Hail protection measures, which thanks to the slight shade from our trellising and canopy management, also served to protect the grapes from sunburns
  • Reduced production due to green harvest
  • Soil tillage at the base of the plants
  • Inter-row grass management to avoid evapotranspiration (the movement of water from soil to atmosphere via the vines).

Small details like these help us support our plants. Also important as DOC and DOCG rules do not allow irrigation – though it is hardly feasible.

While we went into September with much concern, we were pleased to find particularly beautiful, good quality grape bunches coming in during harvest! Our vineyards showed, once again, enormous capacity for adaptation and for that we are immensely grateful.

Overall, yields of the 2022 harvest register lower, but the concentration and balance analysis suggest a vintage of good quality. While the hard work in the vineyards is done, the cellar work is in full swing, wrapping us in the scents of the fermentations and promising something very special to come…

Barbera d’Alba Gisep returns

For two years this beautiful selection of barbera has been missing from our portfolio. “Gisep” means Giuseppe in the piedmontese dialect, an homage to our grandfather who contributed significantly to the growth of our winery. He left us in 1998; also, the wine’s first vintage.

We only produce Gisep in vintages that promise to showcase its exceptional potential. Compared to our classic barbera that shows a more fresh, fruity, and fragrant wine, this small Barbera d’Alba production gives a unique level of complexity and richness, the result of several factors:

  • The grapes are selected from three parcels located in Serralunga d’Alba, with outstanding exposure and old vines that force us to produce very low yields with top quality.
  • Wine aging in wood – part barrique and part big casks – for 18 months, giving structure, complexity, opulence, and high potential for the wine’s longevity.

The Barbera d’Alba Gisep releases to the market the second year after the harvest, ready to surprise you with its inner expressive depth.
We suggest pairing it with rich stews, flavorful tomato-based and rich sauces with egg pasta.

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Our Moscato, in Serralunga

We are very fond of this wine! Our first vintage was 1993, driven by the strong desire of the family’s fourth generation. Soon the new 2022 Moscato d’Asti will be ready and we couldn’t be more excited to share it with you!

A brief introduction is a must: Serralunga d’Alba territory is the only one in the Barolo area to be included in the DOCG, acquired for historical reasons in 1967 when DOC Asti and Moscato d’Asti were born.

The variety allows us to optimize the fresh exposures of our hills, bringing you a Moscato of enhanced aromaticity and freshness. A great holiday aperitif or perfect with your holiday desserts. And, with its low alcohol content, an excellent brunch wine for those looking to add a little effervescence to your Christmas or New Year’s mornings!

We proudly vinify internally, giving birth to a very pleasant wine, fragrant, aromatic, and a sweetness that is inviting without being cloying.

In short, a real treat for the palate – go on, give it a try!

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