Happy New Year!

As 2022 approaches her epilogue we want to take a moment to share our reflections on the past year while also keeping our eyes off the future.

Wide-ranging thoughts

The year 2022 has been not only important for our winery, but also for our region. We’re experiencing extraordinary times in the Langhe; the likes of which have never been seen before. The hills of Beppe Fenoglio’s famous book La Malora now command the attention of a global audience – something unimaginable to previous generations. Today our wines are labeled iconic, our local food gastronomic treasures, and the fabled Alba White Truffle and the amazing landscapes attract visitors from all over the world.

With the fading of Covid restrictions, we experienced a rush to our streets, filling the countryside, our historic centers, and our restaurants – from usually sleepy bars to Michelin-star dining rooms. With it comes wild energy and crackling enthusiasm all around our hills. We are happy for this as it is all we have ever wanted. The reason for generations of work and sacrifice.

But now it’s time for serious reflections, which we believe is crucial to stay true to our identity. We must continue to welcome guests with reverence to the humble echoes of our grandparent’s teachings and the industrious quiet of the hills. Not always an easy goal, but our people aim high and aspire to maintain genuine, confident, and proactive in our endeavors. It is why we look to the future with optimism.

A positive balance

In an ecosystem of great enthusiasm, we continue to grow organically by organizing ourselves in a way that supports our investments and sacrifices. In 2022, great people have joined us at Massolino and we are so pleased with our amazing team, grafted onto the hard core of the Massolino family.

In this regard we take the chance to send a grateful greeting to a special person who spent many years helping us with the utmost professionalism, generosity, and humanity: Danila. She takes a break from her work in Serralunga. We wish her well in her time away and hope for her speedy return.

This year we realized the success of many projects we strongly desired:

  • Our Massolino Barbaresco – a cherished dream that took years to make reality.
  • The incredible hit of our Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2016 Black Label.
  • A huge pride, the 2022 harvest, which proved to exceed expectations.
  • And last but not least, the award received from our fellow Serralunga villagers: “The most genuine family of Serralunga” – what an honor!

Our warmest wishes

Now we take time for some well-deserved and much needed rest, but our heads never stop fermenting. We don’t lack determination and our wines releasing in 2023 increase our expectations!

A 2023 preview:

  • All our Barolo cru wines are back! Margheria, Parafada, and Parussi vintage 2019. We couldn’t be more excited about the quality!
  • Our Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2017 is a year that expresses incredible roundness and depth.
  • Both our Barbaresco 2020s show beautifully!
  • Another acknowledgement, our beloved Barbera d’Alba Gisep 2021, which deserves only one adjective: unique.

In other words, 2023 promises much fun!

We wish you and your families our warmest holiday greetings and look forward to sharing new adventures in 2023…another year of health and peace for everyone, and rich in satisfactions.

Happy New Year!