Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2016 Etichetta Nera

The history of our family has always been tied to Vigna Rionda, which remains one of the most exclusive and legendary vineyard crus in the world of wine.

Today we present to you what we consider one of our greatest accomplishments in our Barolo wine library. Our 2016 Vigna Rionda expresses a vintage that will be revered and celebrated for years to come; one sure to carry an eternal mark in wine history.

Few producers get the opportunity – or maybe the good fortune – to work in a such a unique and special vineyard. We took ownership of our first parcel in 1956. For us, producing the high caliber wines of Vigna Rionda is a great responsibility and honor as we are not only tasked with ensuring that the site shines in the glass, but we also seek to pay homage to the work of those who preceded us – their fatigue and sacrifices that allow us to do what we love. The uniqueness of the 2016 vintage drove us to further honor Vigna Rionda and what it represents to our family and for that reason, The Black Label is a priceless wine for us.

Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2016 Etichetta Nera

A history marked by the myth

The “conquest” of Vigna Rionda starts in 1956: Nonno Giuseppe falls in love with this captivating vineyard and after navigating much difficulty manages to buy a small parcel. The operation stipulates that to acquire part of the land he must transfer ownership of another of double size. We look back at that big gamble and now see it more importantly as an act of faith and foresight. Ecstatic and happy to realize his dream, he decides to name the family business “Azienda Agricola Vigna Rionda”, proudly unchanged until today.

New parcels of land were purchased in 1967, 1985, and 1987. Today our current land ownership on this hill that reaches 3 hectares – nearly 30% of Vigna Rionda’s entire 10.24 hectares.

Our first Barolo Vigna Rionda Massolino sees light in 1982, with the individual vinification and bottling of the grapes from this cru. Prior to 1982, Vigna Rionda was used in the traditional Barolo production method whereby a single Barolo wine is produced blending nebbiolo for Barolo grapes from a winery’s vineyards. The hill gave us something so immensely unique that we were drawn to forego tradition.

Forty years later we proudly remain the only producer to make wine from this cru uninterruptedly. That coupled with the fact that we own the largest amount the cru bestows onto us a great honor with which we take very seriously. We see it as our great responsibility to enhance Vigna Rionda as it deserves with special attention given to mythical vintages like 2016.

Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2016 Etichetta Nera

2016: Simply Extraordinary

The 2016 growing season was marked by a water and thermal balance hardly experienced in recent years. The long vegetative cycle and great temperature variations across the seasons gifted us wines with rare completeness and depth.

In this vintage, Vigna Rionda reaches unique levels of complexity. For this reason, reverential fear makes us unable to write the tasting notes you normally find in our news. In fact, we think it is not just limiting to try to describe this amazing tasting experience in a few lines, but impossible.

Massolino Vigna Rionda 2016 will be available worldwide from September 2022. We invite you to share the feelings you get from the Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva 2016 Etichetta Nera. We cannot wait to hear!

Vigna Rionda: the story of a legendary cru

An analysis of historical documents relating to the area indicates that prior to 1340, Serralunga d’Alba and Vigna Rionda were part of the Marquisate of Saluzzo. From that year, Vigna Rionda changed hands and became the property of the Falletti family, who holds it until 1860. Years after the death of Juliette Colbert, the last Falletti family member, ownership was transferred to the Opera Pia Barolo. In the twentieth century there was a succession of ownership changes between local families, including ours, that has been collecting its these vineyards since 1956.

MGA Vigna Rionda - Massolino

In 1879, Giovanni Gagna, an ampelographer from Monforte published a book entitled: “Inchiesta Agraria sulla fabbricazione del vino nelle Langhe”. Still years before the Langhe reaches its wine and gastronomic popularity, the wine culture was profoundly different from today. Yet, among the few vineyards mentioned and recognized in Gagna’s book on Langhe wine production, Vigna Rionda stands out as a bearer of excellent wines.

Also known as Vignarionda, Vigna Riunda, Arionda or Rotonda, the name comes from the round shape of the hill where it sits. Vigna Rionda occupies the central part of Serralunga’s ridge.

As in many other areas of the Langa, the soil contains a lot of limestone. We are in the Lequio Formation, made up primarily of clay marl and, to a lesser extent, sand. The stratification of the soil originates from the geological conformation of the area, which is of sedimentary and marine origin.

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