2023 harvest and all Massolino Crus coming soon

Finally it is time for harvest after a long year of hard work, effort, stress, and dedication … but also a lot of passion and enthusiasm! This Massolino approach will carry us through the coming next weeks. We also excitedly present our Barolo and Barbaresco Crus, which are available again after two long years. In addition, we bring you three more episodes of the Massolino Story into the ’90s with the arrival of the family’s fourth generation. Enjoy the read!

First previews of 2023 harvest

The growing seasonal was not easy, characterized by challenging factors including drought, fungal diseases – primarily aggressive attacks of peronospora violent summer storms (we were luckily spared of hail in the Barolo hills), soaring summer temperatures – fortunately extended to short time periods – kept us both busy and tense all season long.
Now at the most awaited and demanding time of the year, the harvest. We started on the 4th September, as usual, beginning with Moscato. We are just at the beginning but we are already happy and optimistic. The outlook for the 2023 vintage is “little but good”.

For this, consider ourselves lucky: our thoughts go to those nearby colleagues who were hit by heartbreaking hailstorms that nearly completely destroyed their harvest in justminutes.

In the next weeks, we proceed with the usual frantic rhythms, both in the vineyard and the cellar. Keep you updated through our newsletter and on social media!

All the Massolino Crus are back!

All our Barolos are back and available after two long years: Barolo Margheria, Parafada and Parussi vintage 2019, in addition to Vigna Rionda Riserva 2017. As scheduled also Barbaresco Albesani 2020 is out with the selection of our very special Barbera d’Alba Gisep 2021 that only releases with optimal vintages.

The complexity of the 2019 vintage is clearly reflected in our three Barolo Crus, perfectly matching with the vineyard characteristics from where the grapes came.

Barolo Margheria - Massolino
Barolo Margheria
The Cru’s elegance shows in extraordinary ways in this vintage. The aromatic profile is rich with mineral and floral notes, showing decisive hints of violet and rose. The wine’s extreme elegance perfectly expresses the hill’s DNA even from its first years of refinement in the bottle. It is a Barolo that is certainly recognizable as one from Serralunga with its big structure; we expect it to reach its best expression after some months of ageing.Wine datasheet >
Barolo Parafada
It perfectly embodies the spirit of Serralunga with remarkable depth and complexity. It shows a deep garnet red color, on the nose we find black notes of concentrated fruit with reference to the undergrowth, and floreal notes. Rich and powerful today, but still austere at the palate. Certainly representative of the terroir’s origin, with a long finish that promises great aging potential.Wine datasheet >
Barolo Parussi - Massolino
Barolo Parussi
With release, the wine remains closed with promise of starting to express its incredible potential in the coming months. Characterized by powerful tannins and a beautiful acidity on the nose, spicy and balsamic notes followed by rich complexity on the palate. Between our three Crus, Parussi shows a more intense and deeper color big structure, tannic austerity, which promises great longevity.Wine datasheet >

We also have great expectations for the release of our Vigna Rionda Riserva 2017: the vintage is open and more balanced than in the past with a refined acidic structure and great freshness. After six years of ageing, it expresses itself at very high levels with classical notes of black fruits and the typical minerality of this great Serralunga Cru. And more: deep color, silky tannins, and a long finish… a Barolo Vigna Rionda Riserva to enjoy now and – as always – a big bet for the future!

Wine datasheet >

For the second year we also release our Barbaresco Albesani, an elegant selection of this important Neive MGA. The 2020 vintage gives us well balanced wines, fruity, fresh, and elegant. Our Barbaresco Albesani perfectly reflects its round and rich personality. For us, it is the spokesperson of the style that we want in a Barbaresco – fascinating and complex, but already pleasant in its youth.Wine datasheet >

Barbera d’Alba Gisep 2021 is only vinified in the best vintages with careful grape selection from our Serralunga d’Alba vineyards, with outstanding exposures and old vines. With this, we work with very low yields but of excellent quality. Born in an unforgettable vintage, it is an extraordinarily deep wine that presents an impenetrable color, a rich, and a full mouth feel like few other vintages with its characteristic long final. It’s hard to ask for more!

Wine datasheet >

From now they are all available in the best restaurants, shops, and wine bars in more than 50 Countries worldwide. Production is limited, so get them while you can!

The Massolino Story: We continue to the ‘90s

In this newsletter, we add three more chapters of our history, accompanying you to the nineties when the fourth generation of the family arrives with enthusiasm.

Vigna Rionda grows

Massolino purchases new Vigna Rionda parcels, the most important annexation in terms of its extension.

A significant expansion, the 7-parcel acquisition made for a total of almost 2 hectares taken over by Gianni Ravinale, son of Serralunga d’Alba’s legendary primary teacher whose father was already a known and respected wine producer.
Gianni, a teacher too, is considered by everyone to be very smart and forward-looking so much as to also be the town’s Mayor.
Given his professional choices, he decides to sell the coveted parcels to Massolino family thanks to the good relations between the families.

It was a unforgettable night when brothers Giovanni and Renato Massolino (Gianni’s dear childhood friend) announced their intention to invest the family’s generational savings into the purchase. It’s a crucial, binding decision for them because the deal involved the investment of most of the family’s possessions…
The lively debate hit different ideas, projects, and mindsets among family members. In the end, everyone agreed: we carry on! With the passing of time, the choice turned out to be extraordinarily far-sighted.

the last parcel of Vigna Rionda

The last parcel of Vigna Rionda completes the current property of the Massolino winery on this hill. It’s an important strengthening of its presence in one of the most celebrated MGAs in the Barolo area.

In 1990, the current holdings of the Massolino family on the Vigna Rionda hill was completed. Parcel 17 of Mrs Rosa Giudice is added to the area that covers the upper part of the western slope where the first vines were planted years ago (between 1986 and 1987).
The last transfer brings of the Massolino’s holdings in Vigna Rionda to 3 hectares of the MGA’s total 10.24 hectares.

The 1990s,
the fourth generation

Siblings Franco, Roberto, and Paola, the Massolino family’s fourth generation begin working for the winery.

The entrance of a new generation into a family business has never been easy, but the vision, the spirit of cooperation, and the good will among the family members made this phase very fluid.

The three young Massolino siblings to join the family business bring new ideas, lifeblood, and energy. Their experience and know-how allowed their elders to contribute to the winery’s organizational growth and long-term planning.
The union and the balance between the members of the family has been, without any doubts, the foundation on which this history is based.