The outer walls are made of brick and characterised by bands and arches. There are only a few single and double lancet windows and these are positioned right at the top of the castle. The main door is made up of a simple portcullis, activated by a winch, which was closed after raising the drawbridge. The wide MOAT can no longer be seen.
Inside the castle there are some very large fireplaces and wooden ceilings, which are all that remain of the original furnishings; in the central part there are three ROOMS organised on three floors, reached by a spiral staircase inside the round TOWER. The castle has undergone very little change since it was first built and was never subject to serious attack. The roof of the square tower is flat and sloping. An EARTHQUAKE in 1771 caused the original roof to collapse and it was rebuilt in this way for ease and economy.
In 1616, the castle was conquered and later occupied by the Spaniards.