February 2016

Money Week – Matthew Jukes

The first rung on the Barolo ladder

I am putting the finishing touches to my first “Piemonte Report”. It has taken two years to research and write and my fascination with the people and the wines from this noble region grows greater every day. The mighty red wines of Barolo and Barbaresco are my main focus and this means that the nebbiolo grape is under my microscope like never before. To set the scene prior to your total immersion in this epic red grape, you must taste this wine. It is the first rung on the Barolo ladder – a generic nebbiolo, from the Langhezone, which covers both Barolo and Barbaresco sub-regions.

It is made by an exemplary estate, situated in the heart of arguably the greatest village of all, Serralunga d’Alba. Massolino’s wines are sublime, from my featured entry-level beauty, brimming with wild cherry fruit, via the Barolo (about £40) to the single vineyard wines Margheria, Parafada, Parussi and Vigna Rionda (about £60), which all recline resplendent on the hillsides below the winery in the centre of town. Never forget the Massolino wines – they are the true essence of both the region and its legendary grape.


Matthew Jukes on our Langhe Nebbiolo 2013,