January 2015

B-21, Bob Sprentall

“Tasting the Massolino line-up from bottle in June, one thing became crystal clear to me: these guys are on a qualitative tear. I’ve spent plenty of time in Serralunga, tasting with neighbors of Massolino, sampling single vineyard crus up and down the hierarchy. Time and again I find myself returning to my notes, amazed at the smashing level of quality in Massolino’s straight Barolo this year. For 2010, theirs is the stuff of legend. The great-grandfather of this family very literally lit the town of Serralunga d’Alba, bringing electricity to this hamlet in the 19th century. That spark is very much on display in this 2010 – and it runs through the full line-up, too. But I continue to insist, this is a jewel for family and vintage in 2010. As it should be; their “simple” or “straight” Barolo is specially blended from hand selected plots within each single Cru – it’s a smorgasbord of all the best. [...] Stunning, indeed.”

Bob Sprentall, B-21 Proprietor

barolo 2010