June 2020

A Conversation With Franco Massolino – Dealing With The Challenges Of 2020

by Tom Hyland

Notes on two examples of Massolino single vineyard Barolo from the outstanding 2016 vintage that are just now entering the market:


Massolino Barolo Parussi 2016 - From the vineyard in Castiglione Falletto. Bright, young garnet; aromas of morel cherry, oregano and a hint of orange peel. Medium-full with excellent concentration. This is quite rich on the palate and is tightly packed with medium-full tannins, good acidity and subtle wood notes. This has the strucure and depth of fruit to age well, with peak dinking in 15-20 years. Another year in the bottle will soften the tannins a bit. Very impressive wine, with notable complexity. Outstanding


Massolino Barolo Margheria 2016 - From one of the estate vineyards of Massolino in Serralunga d’Alba. Delicate young garnet; aromas of morel cherry, orange peel, and hints of strawberry and red poppy. Medium-full, this has beautifully ripe fruit, notable concentration, elegant tannins of medium-weight, very good acidity and excelllent persistence. This is a Serralunga Barolo with inner weight, but an round, charming exterior. Beautiful harmony, impeccable varietal purity and lovely charm and finesse. All the elements are here and are peeking out a bit, and with another 3-5 years, all of the beauty of this wine will be evident, with peak drinking in 12-15 years, perhaps longer. Superb


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Franco by T. Hyland